Vision and Mission

The CarrierWeb system and people seek to earn your business everyday.

CarrierWeb was founded in 2001 to implement innovative information and operations management solutions for industries using mobile assets. The key differentiating features associated with our solutions are:

  • A system designed by industry-experienced experts to enhance workflow and reduce costs, while improving security and customer service;
  • Our ALWAYS-ON patented technology, giving constant communication with moving assets (trucks, trailers, containers, etc.);
  • Our web-based solution minimizing user investment in systems, training and maintenance; and
  • Our easy integration into the user’s business practices and legacy information systems.

Our vision

CarrierWeb is a leading global supplier of continuous innovation in command, control and communication technology and mobile telematics to maximize efficient use of mobile assets, security and customer service.  With our Always-On information, we provide a stream of data and alerts, improving workflow, security, asset utilization and customer service.

Our mission

To provide innovative information and management tools and communications products, that provide real-time actionable data for informed decision-making by the carrier, logistics company and shipper through the transport phase of the supply chain, from start to end, globally.