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Time’s up for debate: making the most of ELD

CarrierWeb ® is pleased to announce that all required updates for the CarrierMate™ to meet the latest ELD specifications will be executed via software changes performed over-the-air that will not require touching the truck. Carriers and owner operators have begun … Continue reading

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So BYOD…what’s your BYOS strategy?

When we use the acronym BYOD in our industry, it immediately conjures up visions of “lower cost” and “ease of acceptance.” There are clear cost advantages to BYOD from lower purchase prices to no purchase price if the employee uses … Continue reading

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The Driver Push for ELDs

Did you feel the ground shift recently? What you felt was a paradigm shift on the truck driver’s perspective of an electronic logging device (ELD). Yes that’s what we said, a shift in the perspective of the driver on the … Continue reading

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