Trailer Management

Managing Trailers with ALWAYS-ON information

The CarrierWeb advanced  TrailerMate 150 solution allows you to monitor your cargo and trailer fleet.  Alerts can be pre-set that warn you automatically, for instance in the case of an unplanned stop or deviation from a route geofence.

TrailerMate™ 150 allows you to track your high value cargo independently of your driver, and receive theft, tampering, or geofence violation notifications instantly via your cell phone or email. The patented ALWAYS-ON trailer location and status information ensures your cargo remains safe and secure.


TrailerMate™ 150 gathers data and reports the information on the CarrierWeb web portal.

  • The precise location of trailer
  • Landmarks and geofencing available
  • Dwell time reporting
  • GPS miles traveled
  • The trailer status (hooked or not)
Improve visibility into operations & save fuel
By knowing the location of your trailers, TrailerMate™ 150 will reduce unnecessary driving.  TrailerMate™ 150 provides a window into trailer utilization ensuring optimal use of trailers.
Improve customer service
With TrailerMate 150™, you are able to create “landmarks” that automatically show when the trailer you are tracking arrives and departs from the zone you have defined.  TrailerMate™ 150 will  alert when a trailer has reached the maximum stay time that you have defined.  It will also confirm how many trailers you have in particular customer landmarks.