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CarrierWeb offers solutions based on patented technology for truck, dry trailer, refrigerated trailer, and driver monitoring and management.  The CarrierWeb solution consists of several parts:
An In-Cab (or On-Trailer) Component
CarrierWeb offers CarrierMate, a rugged Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that allows driver interaction and automated engine monitoring.  The ReeferMate® for refrigerated trailer monitoring allow monitoring and control of your refrigeration device. Based on our extensive international experience in the industry, the MDT serves as an electronic logging device (ELD) and various functions, all of which are customizable upon the customer’s specifications.
  • In-cab driver management and communication interface (mobile data terminal, ELD)
  • Engine bus module for engine monitoring (optional)
  • Navigation (optional)
  • Scanning (optional)
  • Wired or wireless sensors for secondary equipment monitoring (optional)

The CarrierWeb Web Portal

CarrierWeb features a highly customizable Web interface available to CarrierWeb users world-wide.  This interface provides all the information you need on vehicle mapping, driver reporting and GPS position, communication, driver and vehicle performance tracking, driver activity tracking, Hours of Service (HOS), electronic logging and more.  In addition, an integrated Web-based reporting tool allows the customers to set up a multi-level fleet management tool, set up performance metrics and customized options for exception alerts.

  • Web dispatch and vehicle and driver management interface
  • Fleet management and reporting tools
  • Data hosting service

CarrierWeb operates on five continents, with a single data platform to share knowledge, to always have an up-todate release, and to minimize total cost of solution implementation.  All materials management, production, user training, and field customer service are provided in each region in the language of their choice.  The CarrierWeb system is multilingual and available in North America in English, French and Spanish.