Fleet Management

Managing Trucks with ALWAYS-ON information

For the management of your fleet, the CarrierWeb system offers:

  • CarrierMate™, The Driver’s Choice - advanced onboard computer with touch screen and electronic logging (ELD).

CarrierMate™ MDT5700

With the CarrierMate patented ALWAYS-ON Mobile Communications System, you pay less and get more…more data…more information…more knowledge, all at your fingertips. CarrierMate improves fleet management of trucks, trailers, drivers and loads with an easy to configure software interface and reports.

Our solutions have a continuous connection to the CarrierWeb Website to send and receive information such as job orders, trip data, text messages, GPS position data, fuel consumption analysis, etc.

The CarrierMate unit can also be fitted with integrated navigation, allowing your drivers to operate even more efficiently and safely.


CarrierMate™ gives you, in addition:

  • Unlimited data communication
  • Driver-friendly workflow
  • Electronic logs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Driver performance and fuel consumption
  • Truck attribute navigation (optional)
  • In-cab scanning via the data network (optional)
  • Optional basic maintenance package


Save Fuel
By tracking engine working hours and idling, our device can help drivers better manage the way they drive, reduce losses and maximize the company’s profits.

Drive productivity and efficiency
You now have a quick and easy overview of your fleet. By constantly knowing where your trucks are, our device helps you and your driver managers avoid unnecessary driving.

Manage and reduce fleet maintenance costs
By constantly tracking your working fleet engine hours, you are now able to plan ahead for PM, and avoid failures on the road.  The CarrierWeb solution offers a simple maintenance management module.

Reduce Hours of Service (HOS) compliance issues
With CarrierWeb’s integrated ELD/EOBR solution all driver activities will be timed to the minute reducing errors by the driver, increasing drive time, and allowing up to the minute knowledge of available hours prior to job assignment.

Improve Customer Service
With CarrierMate, you easily create “landmarks” that automatically show arrivals and departures from the zone you have defined.  It allows you to receive reminders to start billing for detention.