The Power of Integration

“CarrierWeb® and McLeod® work together to boost efficiency, productivity, and customer service at B.A.H. Express”
- Kathy Hemmings, Office Manager for B.A.H. Express, Inc.

At B.A.H. Express, we made a critical decision about our strategy for business success. We decided that we wanted to get the most current technology available that would support our business objectives. That led us to choose CarrierWeb® and McLeod®. 

We have 200 drivers and 220 tractors which all have CarrierWeb® units installed. CarrierWeb is fully integrated with our McLeod® LoadMaster dispatch system, so we can handle everything without needing to leave one system and go into another one. We track hours of service electronically and dispatch loads automatically. Our drivers have electronic routing information at their fingertips and we’ve automated many of our EDI transactions. 

The result is improved driver performance, higher productivity in our o ce, and happier customers.
When you make advances with technology in this way, you wonder how you ever managed without the tools you’ve started using. To get a better idea of the power of these tools, consider these highlights of the way that CarrierWeb and McLeod have helped B.A.H. Express excel.

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