Driver and Truck Performance (CANbus)

Driver and Truck Performance:  The key to lower costs, maximum performance and improved safety.

Driver behavior such as speeding, harsh braking, idling time, and over-reving can impact your company’s bottom line and safety. The CarrierWeb® electronic logging device (ELD) records driver performance data from the CANbus or ECM and provides the information to you on an hourly basis and with each event and status change.  The information can be used in a variety of performance reports designed to provide you with the information you need and choose how you want to see it.

CarrierWeb helps you quickly identify and correct behaviors that contribute to poor fuel results and questionable safety.  Our implementation experts will help recognize areas for improvement and areas for rewarding.

You may use benchmarks for each driver or group to measure actual performance against the benchmark.  CarrierWeb customers can also set up real time alerts with instantaneous emails and texts when thresholds are exceeded and you need to know now.

CarrierWeb provides a host of data from the CANbus, including:

  • Miles driven
  • Duration of high revs
  • Total and average fuel consumption
  • Duration of high torque
  • Duration of cruise control
  • Duration of high speeding events
  • Number of braking events
  • Number of harsh braking events and coasting distances
  • Duration of high acceleration
  • Engine run time
  • Idling time
  • PTO time
  • Fuel consumption when idling
  • PTO fuel consumption
  • and other optional data that can be read from the ECM