Work Flow and Jobs Assignment

CarrierWeb Work Flow and Jobs Assignment

You need to issue job orders to your drivers quickly and accurately and Drivers need to easily respond quickly and accurately with load status and updates.  The CarrierWeb Work Flow feature automatically sends trip orders to the assigned vehicle from your own scheduling software via the CarrierWeb portal or your TMS.  Drivers receive their load assignment on their CarrierMate in cab device jobs tab and execute their assigned activities as they occur.  The status of the trip can be viewed in near real time and with robust TMS integration update the status of each load in operations software through completion.

The driver can be automatically navigated to the next pick up, delivery or fuel stop through a link to the CarrierWeb optional on board ALK CoPilot navigation module.


  • Easily dispatch, schedule and change jobs or trip schedules
  • Driver activities and status are automatically prompted and pre populated where applicable with load information for ease of use and improved accuracy
  • Efficient real-time and online communication between dispatch and drivers
  • Advanced integration with various TMS and third party partner applications promotes efficient fleet management.
  • Automatic capture of activities and corresponding hours of service along with miles and times associated with specific job and trip number.