Exception Alarms and Performance Metrics

Exception alarm

CarrierWeb fleet alerts in near real time get you the information you need for a smooth, cost-effective operation. Receive direct alerts as soon as the levels you set are exceeded.

The types of alerts issued include:

  • HOS violation alerts
  • Set up customized job activity alerts and emails
  • Carrier and TK generated alerts for Reefermate
  • Change in delivery times
  • Deviation from assigned route geofence
  • Landmark arrival and departure and total maximum time exceeded

Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s provide you with relevant management information that can be used to analyze the entire fleet and encourage your drivers to improve driving performance. For instance:

  • Driving style analysis
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine performance – over speed, over rev and percent of idle time
  • Etc.

For additional information reference Driver Performance.