ReeferMate® Monitoring and Control

ReeferMate® offers new flexibility and oversight in reefer management

The CarrierWeb ReeferMate® allows management of the reefer engine, alarms and sensors remotely, without the reefer trailer being tethered to a tractor.  You can monitor and set temperatures, initiate trip needs such as a defrost, all with a detailed log of who initiated the change and at what time.  The ReeferMate® is in use in the USA, Brazil, Europe and China with approved interactions with the leading suppliers on refrigeration equipment, including Carrier® and Thermo King®.

You need continuous temperature monitoring for cold chain control and CarrierWeb allows you to do this. You receive an immediate alert if the pre-set temperature values are exceeded. All temperature readings are automatically logged and saved in reports.

ReeferMate®, is a very cost-effective solution that functions independently of the tractor unit and gives you control of the load regardless of what company is pulling it.  It installs in less than 30 minutes per reefer.  This system also allow you to determine GPS distance traveled, and time and fuel used in a particular landmark, to allow for easier billing.