Why CarrierWeb?

Companies choose CarrierWeb over other providers for the following reasons:

  2. Each customer, irrespective of size, is an important partner and the focus is on meeting your objectives and providing the solution that is important for your business objectives.
  3. Strong and flexible solution for a variety of transportation segments: long haul and regional truckload, contract carriers, private fleets, LTL, urban delivery of FMCG, petroleum delivery and refrigerated fleets.
  4. Quality hardware designed for the rough transportation environment with long-term warranties for peace of mind.
  5. Real time data  delivered directly through the redundant servers and CarrierWeb® web portal .
  6. Robust integration to the top TMS software providers including the best work flow process in the industry.
  7. CarrierWeb can provide customized integration, solutions and reports for unique carrier needs.
  8. Best in class onboard workfl0w improves ease, accuracy and efficiency
  9. A dedication to customer service
  10. Easy installation (15 – 20 minutes)
  11. Good for high velocity data needs and focused exception reports
  12. It gives you better institutional control and reduces business risk
  13. Easy management of route and landmark geofences
  14. Commitment to continuing innovation
  15. Extensive international experience
CarrierWeb provides you the information you need to manage your business and makes the lives of drivers and driver managers easier.

Realize important savings

  • Money: increased MPG and reduce fuel consumption by management of idling, driving patterns and excessive speeds.
  • Time and money: Turn non revenue miles out-of-route miles and dead-head miles into productive miles and revenue.
  • Electronic logs can improve safety and has been shown to reduce fatigue and accidents with to the minute activity capture resulting in more precise allocation of productive activities per day.
  • Monitor detention and fuel used in landmarks
  • Energy: ready calculation of CO2 for those customers who need this information

Easy access to key information

  • Driver and vehicle performance, which can be broken out by terminal, driver manager, truck/engine type, etc
  • Driver activity and HOS management
  • Know where your truck and trailer fleet are at all times
  • Optional maintenance module

Communicate easily with your vehicles

  • Secure internet access
  • Interactive touch-screen for your drivers
  • Unlimited data messaging for fixed monthly charge
Increase customer satisfaction
  • Get precise information about pick-up and delivery times
  • Gain reactivity thanks to closest truck visualization and immediate access to hours available by driver