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In trucking operations, mobile data communication has been shown to reduce wasted or wrong miles, improve driver fuel economy performance, reduce safety costs, enhance delivery turnaround due to automated load assignment management, and reduce fixed costs.


CarrierWeb’s ALWAYS ON technology provides, with a low, fixed monthly cost, a higher volume of data and faster data flow, automated management of all the data to provide speedy operational decisions and exception based decision-making, letting the data work for you while you work with your customers.


Data is delivered to you, wherever you are, whenever you need it, based on your defined exception criteria … so you only get involved when you need to, but when you do, all that data is right there when you need it.


The key is getting the raw data to the server for processing in the quickest and most flexible manner.


We have the answer to all of your needs:

  • CarrierWeb Middleware facilitates easy connection to use legacy systems


CarrierWeb attaches great importance to the satisfaction of each client. That is why CarrierWeb Middleware facilitates the connection of existing users.

  • Fixed monthly charge: no hidden overages

CarrierWeb is committed to transparent solution costs.  We are on your side and offer low, fixed monthly costs with no hidden charges.

  • Always-on Tracking, Messaging and Reporting


CarrierWeb provides minute-by-minute vehicle tracking, instantaneous messaging, up to the minute HOS information and hourly driver performance information.  Our user-friendly mobile display terminal (MDT) is designed for maximum comfort for drivers.  Drivers can take advantage of our rugged touch screen that allows them to write messages or select from preexisting templates. Fleet managers can access all available fleet data via a single browser window: no software installation and maintenance is necessary.

  • Most effective and stable driver workflow management


CarrierWeb is committed to the reliability of our system.  We transfer all the data collected by CarrierWeb to other servers, with no impact on your operations.  We have the experience and the knowledge; you have a reliable solution, 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • True server-based architecture


CarrierWeb, has a true server-based architecture meaning all data is continually acquired and sent over CarrierWeb’s ALWAYS-ON, unlimited messaging data pipeline to the server, where it can be processed much more efficiently for data delivery to you.

  • Easy management of points of interest, polygonal landmarks and Geofences


By using CarrierWeb, you will be able to create polygonal landmarks and Geofences around points of interest such as your company and your customers. Instead of using a non-accurate circle “around the area”, you can set a very clear zone to receive accurate information concerning the arrival/departure of your trucks and trailers.

  • Simple Fuel Monitoring solutions


CarrierWeb developed simple and effective fuel solutions. Now you can look at your fleet fuel level and be alerted in case of unusual activity (e.g. dropping rapidly), or a mismatch between the reported level and the purchase amount.

  • One-stop shop for truck, trailer and reefer management, with flexible reporting and alerting solutions tailored to the user’s needs


At CarrierWeb, you have one contact: us!  No third parties to deal with when you have a question.  We are focused on developing effective solutions.   We do not use a cookie cutter approach and assume all customers are the same.  CarrierWeb has the flexibility to customize to the needs of our customers. We will meet and spend time with you to understand your operation and goals.

  • Always-On Communication with your vehicles


CarrierWeb offers minute-by-minute position reporting, as well as instantaneous data messaging between the drivers and dispatchers. We offer our customers the tools to give the fleet manager an overview of all assets, whether they are on moving or parked.

  • Driver Performance And HOS Tracking


The CarrierWeb system provides up-to-minute data on driver activities, including their driving performance (average speed, number of harsh brakes, etc.) and current activities (on duty driving, off duty, etc.). Activities can be customized to fit any company’s needs: from OTR trucking to local delivery companies.

  • HOS Logging, Hours Remaining and Consignment


CarrierWeb enables fleet managers to have full, up to the minute overview of hours remaining for each driver, based on current regulations. This allows for better matching of loads with drivers.  Load (Job) details can be sent to the driver instantly. In addition, HOS charting is available not only for fleet managers, but also for the drivers – without the need for either to fill out any forms.