Solutions & Products

You drive, and CarrierWeb does the rest !

Much more than traditional communication, CarrierWeb collects and delivers your data to you… where you need it… when you need it… wherever your asset is located.

Together with a broad variety of data delivery and reporting services, CarrierWeb offers solutions engineered to various levels of operations management. Whether you wish to track 500 trucks or 2 cars, CarrierWeb offers well thought-out and user-friendly tailored solutions to each of its customers:

  • Goods transportation businesses (Private Fleets, For-hire carriers, Owner operators, Dedicated carriers…)
  • Passenger transportation business
  • Trade businesses (sales forces vehicles, etc.)
  • Construction and finishing businesses (electricity, plumbing, etc.)
  • Installation and troubleshooting business (technical support, etc.)

Easy to install, convenient to use, and efficient: such are CarrierWeb products. They include on-board hardware systems, peripherals, and equipment, which are designed, tested, and qualified for rugged field operation.


ALWAYS-ON Connection, One Low Fixed Service Cost.

The Trucker’s mate is an advanced onboard computer (MDT) with touch screen, which has been developed for the driver’s convenience.  With CarrierMate’s patented ALWAYS-ON Mobile Communications System, you pay less and get more…more data…more information…more knowledge, all at your fingertips. CarrierMate improves management of trucks, trailers, drivers and loads with an easy to configure software interface and reports.


ALWAYS-ON Two-Way Refrigeration Command and Control.

ReeferMate a stand-alone solution that enables you to monitor your REFRIGERATED trailers and cargo. ReeferMate is a very cost-effective wired solution that also functions independently of the tractor unit. ReeferMate provides you with immediate information on the POSITION of your trailers and alerts the home base when a specific limit, such as temperature, is exceeded.


ALWAYS-ON Trailer Management.

CarrierWeb’s advanced TrailerMate™ solution allows you to monitor your trailers remotely. Alerts can be pre-set that warn you automatically, in case of unplanned stop for example.

Fuel Management Solution™   

ALWAYS-ON Fuel Management.

CarrierWeb developed a solution, which gives our users the capability to reconcile fuel purchases by tractor and by trip. The CarrierWeb fuel sensor monitors the fuel level even when the ignition is off. As a result, the CarrierWeb fuel sensor will report rapid fuel loss events. The CarrierWeb Fuel Gauge is required.