Fuel Management


CarrierWeb’s Fuel Theft Detection Solution, linked with CarrierMate™ onboard device and custom designed fuel gauge to detect fuel loss with the “ignition OFF”.

The fuel level is reported hourly, along with other driver performance information.

The fuel gauge is designed to connect to the J1939 or J1708 CANbus. CarrierWeb will compare the fuel purchase data with the fuel level and report any variances.



  • Tracking the level of fuel in the tank
  • Monitor fuel level when ignition is off
  • Alert in event of a rapid fuel loss
  • Reconciliation of fuel purchases


Avoid fuel theft & increase revenues


By constantly tracking the fuel level in the tank, either when ignition is on or off, CarrierWeb’s fuel solution is the best solution to help you reduce your fuel thefts, and in bottom line, greatly increase your revenues.

Improve visibility towards truck’s security


Tracking rapid fuel loss alerts you to possible security and theft issues.