Success Stories

Who better than our customers to talk about CarrierWeb’s solutions efficiency. You might wonder who we are, what we do, what are the benefits for working with us, at CarrierWeb, we believe that the last word should be yours. Therefore, please read our customers opinion of their experience with CarrierWeb.

Samuel Coraluzzo“We don’t consider ourselves just customers of CarrierWeb, we’re partners. For our type of business every minute counts and we couldn’t get minute-by-minute tracking from any other company. We also appreciate that the people who work at CarrierWeb understand the trucking business and use our ideas to make an even better product. CarrierWeb lets us know when our drivers stop, when their waiting and we can play back an entire day with the click of a mouse. All this information allows us to provide better customer service, more accurate billing and settle any customer disputes. The system is driver friendly and much easier to use then any other system we’ve seen. We are in the process of going paperless with our HOS logs with the CarrierWeb DOT HOS compliant 395.15 system.”

Robert Penza
Coraluzzo Torrissi

“We have been using CarrierWeb’s always-on mobile comm and it has proven to be invaluable for our dedicated division. The minute-by-minute GPS reporting allows me to provide the ultimate visibility to my customers — it’s really good to have all this information, which we use to our advantage. All fleets have trucks, trailers and drivers but we now provide transparency. Our dedicated customers know I’m telling them the truth about arrivals, departures, waiting time, etc. because they can log on to and monitor their own cargo. It has helped us improve our service and with this system I can geofence down to the dock level.”

Alan Oakly
VP of Dedicated Division
Epes Transportation

“CarrierWeb has really helped us increase our productivity throughout our company. Our dispatchers are more efficient because they don’t spend all their time trying to track down drivers. The drivers are more productive and they like the fact that they can get more loads more quickly. CarrierWeb’s system is always on and is capturing data each and every minute. We don’t use all this information all the time but if you have an insurance claim or an accident, it sure is nice to know that you can replay the history of a truck. CarrierWeb has always provided very good customer service and response time. They understand our business and it shows with the ways they can help us customize the information in a way that makes sense for our business.”

Jim Smith
President and Owner
Georgia Southern Transportation

“We’ve been using CarrierWeb for almost two years and it has greatly improved our operational efficiencies and driver communication. We have minute-by-minute records of truck activity which we use for detention billing, accident re-creation, and insurance claims. The system is helpful to replay a day in the life of a truck and the minute-by-minute information is used for a myriad of operational applications. Our customers also appreciate CarrierWeb mobile because of better load tracking and timely deliveries. As with most quality companies, the people of CarrierWeb are their greatest asset. They have appreciated our comments and have made several customizations in response to our needs.”

Lyons J. Heyman, Jr.
7 Hills Transport, Inc.