GPS Positioning

CarrierWeb Minute-by-Minute GPS positioning

Track the precise location of your trucks, trailers or reefers minute by minute. Receive an automatic alert or warning when an event specified by you occurs and/or a threshold is exceeded.  For example, a deviation from an assigned route, arriving at the landmarked location or a rise in reefer temperature.


CarrierWeb uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to determine precise location. The minute-by-minute position information is transmitted from the truck to CarrierWeb by GPRS. The information is available on Reports are automatically compiled from all the data received. You may view these reports via the CarrierWeb website. For example, daily reports on a specific truck (positions) can be viewed or you can compare the driving behavior of a specific group of drivers: (daily report).


These reports allow you to make necessary changes at any time to improve the efficiency of your organization.