CarrierWeb Implementation Guidelines

CarrierWeb takes training very seriously. The equipment installations are done by two different methods depending on the customer’s desire.

  • Method 1: Train the TrainerCarrierWeb will deploy Field Service Engineers to Energy Dispatch sites to train personnel on installation of hardware. This training will be hands on and conducted over a two-day period.


  • Method 2: CarrierWeb installationCarrierWeb will deploy installation personnel to your designated sites to complete all installations. We prefer to send two people per site; however, depending on vehicle numbers we will send more or less to specific sites. Our personnel will install 6-8 units per day. Installations typically take 30-45 minutes.

Driver Training

Driver Training is accomplished through the trainer methodology. During the installation process CarrierWeb schedules training sessions at your facilities. This training will be lead by our Field Customer Service department. Driver training typically takes less than two hours. We also have on-line animations for driver training. On-line driver animation training takes approximately 20 minutes to watch.

Dispatch Training

In order to properly train the trainer, we require a classroom and/or conference room with internet connectivity. Dispatch training will take a full day. After the first day of training we will stay on-site for an additional day to oversee your trainers training of additional personnel. At the end of the second day we ask your trainer to sign a training checklist. In addition, we offer online training animations and online user manuals for your dispatchers at no charge. The online training animation for dispatchers takes approximately 90 minutes to watch.