Why CarrierWeb?

Companies choose CarrierWeb over other providers for the following reasons:

  1. Extensive international experience
  2. Quality products and long term warranties
  3. Easy installation
  4. Effective return on Investment
  5. An answer to every need
We do not only sell innovations solutions; we sell all the benefits, which are linked to their adoption and use.

Realize important savings

  • Money: reduce fuel consumption, maintenance cost, etc.
  • Time: reduce out-of-route miles, driver managers have more information at their fingertips, etc.
  • Energy: localize your entire fleet anytime and anywhere, etc.


Easy access to key information

  • Driver and vehicle performance
  • Driver activity and HOS tracking
  • Minute-by-minute GPS position


Communicate easily with your vehicles

  • Secured internet access
  • Interactive touch-screen for your drivers
  • Unlimited data messaging for fixed monthly charge

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Get precise information about intervention time
  • Gain reactivity thanks to closest truck visualization
  • Higher delivery or intervention speed and frequency