Jobs Consignment

CarrierWeb Jobs Consignment

You need to issue job orders to your drivers quickly and accurately. You may need to change flexible trip schedules. The CarrierWeb Job order module automatically sends trip orders to the various vehicles from your own scheduling software via the Drivers receive job orders on the screen in their cab. The status of the trip can be viewed in near real time.

The driver is automatically navigated to the delivery address through a link to the CarrierWeb navigation module.


  • Easily schedule and change jobs or trip schedules
  • Efficient real-time and online communication between dispatch and drivers
  • Optimum information for customers on the status of jobs (your customers can view the current status of jobs through
  • Simple link with various TMS and payroll applications promotes efficient management of your business
  • Automatic registration of hours and miles per job and trip number.
  • CarrierWeb Jobs Consignment automatically populates the form for the driver.